College of the Marshall Islands

P.O. Box 1258 Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands MH

+692 625-3394

Mission & Vision


The mission of the College of the Marshall Islands is to provide quality, student-centered educational services to Marshallese people who desire access to a postsecondary education.

As a community college we provide access to students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds and help them acquire the skills necessary to succeed in higher education, work, and in life.

As part of the larger Pacific community we provide selective higher education programming to regional audiences.

As the national college of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the College serves as a research and intellectual resource to the nation and prepares students in our island nation to succeed in a global community.

(Adopted 2009)


The College of the Marshall Islands will be a model community college for the Pacific Island region.

The four major components of the Vision are that the College of the Marshall Islands will

  1. be a source of national hope and pride;
  2. provide tailored, quality, educational opportunities;
  3. provide a window on the global community;
  4. serve as a center for research and inquiry for national advancement.

(Adopted 2007)