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Grants at the College of the Marshall Islands

Grants at CMI

CMI organizes the coordination of its extramural funding under the Office of the President. The position of the Grant Coordinator subsists to leverage the College’s extramural funds with the internal resources in the most efficient way. As such it functions as linkage between the College’s budgeted resources and specific grant-related activities and programs. In this function the position of the Grant Coordinator is responsible for, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Plan and develop college policies, procedures and programs regarding the submission of grant applications, acceptance and implementation of grant awards, and monitoring of grant activities and outcomes.

  • Determine grant priorities and timelines in collaboration with an in-house Grant Work Group in light of the college’s mission, strategic plan, and program reviews.

  • Identify potential funding sources, such as international donor agencies, foundations, and corporate sources that are aligned to CMI’s mission and strategic goals. Communicate those potential funding sources pointedly to members of the CMI community in order for them to answer a Request for Proposal (RFP) or develop a structured project idea.

  • Coordinate, develop and support grant writing efforts in collaboration with CMI’s employees and partners. Assist to persuasively communicate CMI’s mission and programs to potential funders, foundations and other grant-making organizations.

  • Develop and maintain a point-of-contact relationship with grant-awarding agencies to help ensure compliance with the grant and possibly federal guidelines, obtain details relating to the entire grant process from the application stage through to the evaluation and closing stage, and fine tuning the actual implementation of grant awards. Ensure quality ‘grantsmanship‘.

  • Assist college employees responsible for grant implementation to prepare accurate, required reports and ensure timely submission of these reports.

  • Communicate professional development opportunities for faculty and staff offered by grant-funding agencies.

  • Create and maintain a CMI grant database in electronic and paper based form.


For ideas, questions or inquiries you are welcome to contact the Grant Coordinator via email, phone or in person!


Charlynne Andrike-Alfred
The Grant Coordinator’s Office is located in CMI’s Administration Building on Uliga Campus, 2. floor, within the Institutional Research Office.