College of the Marshall Islands

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Student Services

Student Services is committed to working with and providing high quality services to our students. These services are meant to challenge and ensure academic and success in life as well. We believe in a well-rounded education, and as such we encourage our students to explore and take full advantage of the services and opportunities offered at CMI.


We are dedicated to meeting all the needs of our students. We encourage you to join one or more of the student organizations. All of them offer opportunities for leadership development, academic support, networking, personal growth and community service. Our campus leaders are involved in Student Government, Student Orientations, Residence Life, Recreational Sport and so much more. Want to join a club? Want to live on campus? Need help with your homework? In all choices you make, Student Services are here to make sure your experience is not only academically enriching but also fun and enjoyable.




New Student Orientation


Athletic, Recreation, Fitness Center


Residential Life


Health Center (Clinic)


Counselling Services




Student Body Association


Student Leadership Council


Department & Student-Organized Clubs


Student Conduct


Student Grievance


Academic Support Program