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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is an acceleration program that allows students to simultaneously earn credit toward high school completion and college programs. It allows students to pursue advanced curriculum relevant to their individual interests that otherwise would not be available in secondary education. 



Dual enrollment offers several beneficial outcomes. First, college credit earned prior to high school graduation reduces the average time to degree and increases the likelihood of graduation for participating students. Second, evidence supports the assertion that dual enrollment increases academic performance and educational attainment. Third, it increases opportunity for students to develop skills and knowledge. Lastly, dual enrollment provides for active connection between the college and high schools. 


Courses Offered

College-level courses in English, mathematics, science, social science, or foreign languages; occupational/technical courses; or other courses agreed upon by the school system and the College are open to eligible students. Students must meet course prerequisites prior to enrollment in any of these courses. 



  • Students enrolled in schools in the 11th or 12th grade with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, and be at least 16 year old by the first day of class are eligible.
  • Students must complete the CMI Dual Enrollment Application
  • Students must have written recommendation from their high school principal or his/her designee provided to the CMI Admissions Office. CMI reserves the option to deny a request based on academic behavior records that indicate the student would not be best served by this program.
  • Students must attend a Dual Enrollment orientation prior to beginning classes. 


Admission Requirements

Eligible and interested students are responsible to ensure the following items are submitted to the CMI admissions office by the admissions deadlines (Nov. 30th for Spring and June 30th for Fall) to be considered for dual enrollment: 



Eligible high school students will be required to complete the CMI Placement Test prior to being accepted as a dual enrollment participant.


Financial Assistance

High School students are not eligible for Federal Student Aid as federal regulations require students to have a high school diploma or GED to qualify.


Tuition, Fees, and Textbooks

Tuition, fees, and textbook costs are waived for accepted participants.



Participants will be registered for classes during dual-enrollment orientation. They will not register through the typical registration process.



Participants may access all CMI services relevant to the completion of their courses.



Participants are responsible for transportation to and from classes/school. Participants may use transportation services already offered by CMI. 


Semester Calendar

Participating students will follow the CMI Academic Calendar. 



Participating students are subject to all college policies, procedures, and regulations.


Available courses

Only specific courses offered by CMI will be available for dual enrollment.

Participating students must meet course prerequisites prior to enrollment in any of CMI’s courses.

Academic departments within CMI may require additional information (for example, an interview, subject-area teacher recommendations, etc.) from an applying student before she/he is permitted to enroll in a course within that department.

Each participating student will have an individual “articulation document.” This form will be completed and signed by the participant’s high school principal and CMI’s Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs. Completed at the start of each semester, the form will outline the credits earned at both levels (high school and college) by the participant, pending successful completion of the dual-enrollment course.

Participating students may enroll in no more than (1) CMI course without special permission from CMI’s Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.



Participants and parents must sign a release allowing CMI faculty and staff to communicate grades (and other information) to high school staff and teachers.

A student must officially be enrolled under this policy in order for the principal to accept (as high school credit) the credit earned at CMI.

Students must complete all college courses with a grade of “C” or better to: 1) earn college credit; and 2) be eligible to continue as a dual enrollment program student.

CMI’s registrar will ensure that grades earned by participants are sent to the appropriate high school after completion of the courses.