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Strategic Planning


Several years in the making, the College of the Marshall Island’s Strategic Plan “Bujen Kallejar” 2016-2018 (The Plan) was approved by the CMI Board of Regents on January 13th, 2016. The Plan, driven by the CMI mission, focuses directly on the following five major areas for systematic improvement and enhancement:

Goal 1: High Quality Student Success programs.

Goal 2: Institutional Resources.

Goal 3: Stakeholder Relations.

Goal 4: Sustainability.

Goal 5: High Quality Academic Programming.

CMI’s mission is to provide quality, student-centered, educational services and intellectual resources to the community and those who desire access to a post-secondary education (see p. 9 of the Plan). Furthermore, the CMI mission focuses on graduates succeeding in higher education, work, life and the global community.

CMI has grown significantly since it was established in 1993, responding to the educational needs of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), particularly in general and developmental education. While many of the enrolled students pursue associate degrees in Arts and Science at CMI, we also offer a number of certificate programs to provide for the upskilling of RMI’s workforce. The highest numbers of certificates awarded and degrees conferred to graduates so far have been recorded in the last two years, showing an increase as high as 89% since 2013. Enrollments have also been steadily increasing by an average of 8% since 2011.

The singular commitment by CMI administrators, faculty and staff to reduce substantial deficits in past years, as well as instituting Integrated Planning, has resulted in a strong and promising financial position to support The Plan. Significant progress has also been made to consolidate all CMI policies and procedures and introduce a Performance Management System (PMS)  so that The Plan is built on the most robust platform possible to ensure the successful and sustainable achievement of its goals.

The College has also built its own Strategic Plan monitoring system which is used to monitor and document the progress of the College’s strategic goals and activities. The monitoring system is available for public view at