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Message from the President

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Welcome to the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI)! We are excited about working together to provide you with an all-round, learning journey that supports, promotes and celebrates student achievement.
The College is the national higher and vocational education provider of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. We currently operate out of two campuses and two centers; Uliga and Arrak on Majuro and the CMI Centers on Ebeye and Jaluit.
CMI’s mission is to provide quality, student-centered, educational services and intellectual resources to the community and those who desire access to post-secondary education. The CMI mission also focuses on graduates succeeding in higher education, work, life and the global community.
Programs and community activities at CMI We offer Associate degree programs in Education, Liberal Arts, and Nursing and certificate programs in accounting clerkship, carpentry, the certificate of completion in teaching, Marshallese social studies, Marshallese language and arts, public health, a Maritime program and special education. We also offer pathways with Bachelor of Science granting institutions regionally and beyond in Business and Nursing. We are also responsible for many community oriented initiatives including the Land Grant Cooperative Research and Extension program at our Arrak campus.

New programs and initiatives

  1. For the first time in CMI history we have a 4-year program. The Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education will be offered for the first time in Fall 2017. We also have a new Marine Science Certificate which will also be offered in Fall 2017. Two new specialized Certificates in Deaf Education and in Severe Disabilities Education are also available and being taught as part of the grant-funded program, ‘Navigating Student Success in the Pacific’ (NSSP).
  2. A new initiative which started in Summer 2017 focused on accelerating students through to credit level. The Accelerated Program registered students who placed in Developmental Education level 2 into the summer intensive. The eight-week program is aimed at preparing students successfully for enrollment in credit classes by Fall 2017.
  3. Another new CMI initiative which also started in Summer 2017, introduced the multiple measures system where the following results are used to evaluate high school student entry to the College: 

    High school cumulative grades;
    Junior and senior Math;
    Junior and senior English;
    CMI placement test and MISAT; and Any other standardized exam taken, e. g. ACT, TOEFL. Prior to Summer 2017, the CMI

    Placement Test was the only measure for evaluating student entry to the College.

  4. Finally, a third initiative, the Dual Enrollment program, will be reintroduced in Fall 2017. Selected high school students will have the opportunity to enroll in credit level Math and English courses while they are in Grade 12 so that they can transition straight into credit level when they graduate (from high school).

A National Training Council-funded Basic Carpentry program is also underway at our Arrak campus as part of CMI summer initiatives. The College continues to examine new opportunities for student-centered programs and initiatives.
We invite you to browse through our website at and find out much more about the programs we offer, CMI initiatives, the communities we serve and our aspirations for the future.
Join us for a singular and inspiring educational experience.

Theresa Koroivulaono (PhD)
President, College of the Marshall Islands