College of the Marshall Islands

P.O. Box 1258 Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands MH

+692 625-3394


Jokkun wōt juon                                    


CMI works to help its students and employees lead balanced lives, by teaching how to possess physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.


Kōnono ippān doon im bōk an doon l̗ōmn̗ak


CMI expects its students and employees to respectfully share ideas with others, regardless of difference in opinions or viewpoints. These are the traits of good communication, which is critical for learning, teamwork, and success for individuals and the College.


Jim̗we, Jejjet im Wānōk


CMI expects its students and employees to work toward superiority and strive for the best. When we finish a task, we should ask ourselves, “Have I done everything possible to make this the best that I have ever done?” If I have not, then I have not finished the task.


Juon eo ewōr lōke im m̗ool ippān

(Honor or High Character)

CMI acknowledges the importance of having students and employees of high honor and high character, which result from developing personal integrity, a delicate quality that, once lost, is almost impossible to regain.


Juon eo im ejjab bōjrak an pukot jel̗āl̗o̗kjen̗

(Lifelong Learning)

CMI encourages its students and employees to develop a desire for education as a means of putting forth effort to reach goals. Lifelong learning should involve seeking and undertaking professional development opportunities, obtaining knowledge of other cultures, and becoming a well-rounded person.




CMI expects its employees to be respectful and tolerant of others. We are all members of the community of the Earth.


Jel̗ā ejaak l̗ōmn̗ak im jerbal ko rōm̗m̗an


CMI fosters students’ and employees’ ability to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations and to make imaginative use of limited resources. To dream is to advance.


Juon eo elōn̄ bōklōkōt ippān


CMI is an organization that supports students’ and employees’ development of self-worth, encouraging them to protect themselves from abuse by others and helping them believe in their ability to tackle challenges head-on.


Juon eo ej bōk kon̗aan ilo jukjuk-im-pād eo


CMI students and employees are expected to realize the importance of being active, productive members of society who work to give back to the social, civic, environmental, and cultural realms of the world around them.


Pukot m̗ool

(Truth seeking)

CMI seeks to develop student and employees who desire and are determined to search for what is true. Truth seeking is the ultimate purpose of learning.