College of the Marshall Islands

P.O. Box 1258 Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands MH

+692 625-3394


The Board of Regents, administration, and faculty of CMI believe that quality education is essential to the well-being of individual and to the well-being of the Marshallese people as a whole, now and in the future. We are therefore committed to the creation of an educational environment where individual differences of gift, potential, and belief are recognized; where personal choice, responsibility, and growth are encouraged; and where educational content addresses the general and specific needs of the students, the local community, and the nation. We further believe that integration of the theoretical knowledge and practical experience is fundamental value of successful education in our rapidly changing society. Achieving this integration of the theoretical and the practical requires a blend of flexibility and consistent evaluation. Students of CMI are acknowledged individually as whole beings capable of reflective thinking and prepared to make wise choices concerning their present and future.

(Adopted 2000)