Education Week Kamolol notification by RSolomon

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have participated and supported CMI's 1st Education Week! The event was very much successful and will be a part of CMI's calendar from now on.

  • Special thanks to our guest speakers:
  • Secretary for Ministry of Education, Mr. Gary Ueno (EDU)
  • EFNEP Extension Agent, Ms. Martha Horiuchi (LA)
  • HR System/Benefits Specialits, Ms. Ruthy Maun (BUS)
  • MOH Nurse, Ms. Veronica Ysawa (NURS)

Thank you to Learning Community students, faculty and tutors for your support and participation. To our other faculty & staff  for their support: Tara Anderson, Emily Alison, John Berger,  Bego Alik, Amanda Carlson & Rosely Bojos.  To all our Spelling Bee, Math Bee, Trivia, Debate and CMI's Got Talent participants THANK YOU!

Thank you to our Judges: Janet Hess, Terry Hazzard, Ricky Ribeiro, Beth Price & Susana Kamram, Special thanks to SBA President Broderick Menke & his officers for sponsoring the prices, Special thanks to our Student Ambassadors for initiating the event & Club Presidents for helping in organizing the event.  Another shout out of thanks to Chris Sebastian & CMC crew for all those videos & photos taken.  Our DJ's Kalani Nii, Johnson Langidrik & Dino Capitol, without you guys there would be no music.  And a very special komol tata to SA President Darson Anjel & SA Secretary Sana Anien for going all out and ensuring that the event turned out successful!!!

If I forgot to mention names and/or groups I apologize in advance! Know that we are extremely thankful for your participation, support, encouragement and believe that TOGETHER WE CAN, and WE WILL,  SUCCEED!!!!

Next major event? SBA General Assembly, Workshops, Foundation Day, Spirit Week and sooo much more!  Participate in your Education!!!

Thank you!    "Students First"


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Request for Proposal: Executive Search Firm / Executive Search Consultant

The College of the Marshall Islands is seeking proposals from qualified executive search consultant firms, hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, to assist the Presidential Search Committee (PSC) of the Board of Regents in its search efforts for the selection of a President and Chief Executive Officer of the College of the Marshall Islands, in accordance with the terms, conditions and specifications contained in this Request for Proposal (RFP).